Taking the Plunge or Pure Joy by the Square Foot

I am so excited. I mailed out my reservation for Nick Simmons workshop at Sandy Maudlin's for 2010. I know it sounds like a long way away but it's a big deal for me.

Now I have a problem....I can't decide which is the bigger news for me today because I also finally stepped off the edge and decided to get an art studio. I move in next Friday!! It's on the third floor of Sugar Creek Arts Center and I'll be sharing a large open floor plan studio that can actually house 3 artists but has only been used by one artist for a little while. I will be moving in with Lynn Dugan which is probably what is most exciting about it. I could have had another studio up on the same floor that was just mine but I think I actually like the idea of being in the room with another artist. Her style is vibrant and expressive and we are very different and that is probably the whole point of getting a studio at the center. The possibility of being around all types of art.

I might also be giving flute/beginning music lesson's...not sure yet we'll see. I don't have a golden flute like James Galway but I did manage to teach my own daughter how to read music and how to play flute. Maybe I can spread the music and the art at the same time.

I am near giddy over finally deciding to do some things to take my art further. So happy in fact that I went out for dinner and actually had some fine malt beverages. For those who know me well, they know I am not really a person who drinks often, so the fact I've had the equivalent of too many beers tonights means I am apologizing now for any typo's now.

Cheers and G'nite!

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RHCarpenter said...

Hey, Lori, looking forward to meeting you at Nick's workshop - I've got my deposit in, too!