Hi my name is Lori and I'm a Junkie...

Well an art junkie anyway. I finally got to paint for a couple of hours today and I feel SO MUCH better. Less cranky, more even keel, I got my fix for the day, and sadly probably for the week because tomorrow starts ...LET THE PARENTHOOD GAMES BEGIN. Dances, and basketball practice and work and meetings and graduations this weekend and I volunteer Friday afternoon at the Sugar Creek Art Center

I haven't gotten to work on Lili's pictures anymore as of yet(soon Dave I promise) but I did work on the old Junk car today...(see previous post for sketch) It's on Yupo and it's been fun working on it so far.

I also bought a copy of "Art and Fear" as suggested by Sandy Maudlin.

Thanks Sandy, I'll be reading that this week!

If your reading this Tom or Amy of the Dream Catcher I haven't forgotten all the pictures you so generously let me swipe. I have a few planned once I get caught up and will let you know as soon as some of them are finished.

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