Sketches of Lili ...Time for a real Studio?

Recently it seems everytime I sit to work I get interrupted by one thing or another. I've been toying with the idea of getting a "real" studio but the monthly cost has always stopped me. There's so much more I could use that money for (supplies/workshops/BILLS). I only managed to get a couple of sketches done this weekend and still have the one completed sketch transferred and ready to paint for over a week now. 

So when is it time to just bite the bullet and invest in a "real" studio? I enjoy the ease of being able to just work whenever, but whenever seems to be few and far between the longer time goes on. At least with a studio (and a payment going out for that) I would need to get up and "go to work" on my two weekdays that I have off at least. 

On a positive note, I did manage to do a couple of sketches for a commisioned piece of Dave M.'s little girl Lili. The reference photo's he sent were gorgeous and she is such a pretty little girl. 


I need to do some more work on the first sketch (it's off a little) but I think the second one is ready to transfer to watercolor paper. Here are the photo's I am working with as a comparison


And here's the sketch of the car...

It's already been transferred to yupo and is waiting for me to start work on it. I have some fabulous metallic watercolor's that I am interested in trying for this. 

Side note..the art show artist reception was this past Friday night in Martinsville, IN. They did a lovely job and the show was nice. 

I'm off to have brunch with my mother (yet another interruption LOL) so hopefully I will be able to work on some things after lunch. 

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