Lili with Tulips and Bottles

I've gotten a finished picture of the portrait of Lili (Thanks Dave!)

I also did a little batik over the weekend of some bottles. I will be going back into this painting and fixing a couple of spots that I just don't like, but overall it turned out very well.



Another painting from Tom and Amy's photo's...

Shhh- 11x14 Watercolor on Fabriano $100


And this is Dedicated to Milo aka Fat-ass

Milo make Tom give you more blueberries and tell him to stop commenting on the size of your bum. In the meantime I hope you recognize this from your extensive library of photo's.

Thanks so much to Tom and Amy (and the ferrets) for letting me live vicariously through your blog and allowing me to use your photo's! Tom...you have such a wonderful way with words, I'll let you title the painting's I do from your photo's. Here's the first....

Untitled (so far) 11x14 Watercolor and India Ink $100.00


Fireworks can't swim...

It was a VERY soggy fourth of July in our part of Indiana. The Fourth was actually celebrated on the 5th, but since it ran over into midnight I guess we celebrated into the 6th.

I've been somewhat productive since the opening of my little studio, although I'm not spending nearly enough time down there as I would like. Vacation is soon so hopefully I can sneak down there more then.

I've finished the two portraits I was working on and delivered "Lili with Tulips" to her Dad just in time for Fathers day. Although the finished portrait has a dark background, I didn't get a finished picture of it before I sent it with her dad.

The portrait of Dr. Gillan is also complete.

Dr. Gillan-"Cool Man Cool" SOLD!

I've also gotten "Bahama Race" almost done (Thanks Tom for the reference photo's!) and completed the initial sketches for 4 more paintings.

There's also my first experiment with India Ink. I really like the vibrance it lends to a painting and for once I can say I really don't think the photo does it true justice. I might just send this in for consideration for the juried show in Crawfordsville this year.

Larger View of Iris

Iris- 16x20 India Ink $208.00