An artist, a photographer and a musician go into a bar....

If you're wondering who left first, the answer is no one cause they're still standing there arguing over who thought up the idea and how they can make money off it.

Anytime anyone wants to know where my references come from I will be more than happy to entertain you and give you a good conversation. Just do me a favor and ask first and then shop the net after, shopping the net first to find the sources of my work wastes your time and mine. I'd have told you in less than three seconds where the material originated and like most artists I really don't mind talking about my work and where my ideas originate.  Part of me wishes I didn't use photo's as much as I do, but it's the artist I am. The difference is that all but those two photo's I mentioned were either taken by me or my son or my husband.

The portraits I do are mainly compound works derived from one or more snapshots and I always emphasize  to my patrons that they are to be snapshots and not formal pictures.

What's so funny about the whole thing is that I took the painting into the gallery because they "needed works for hanging". It was done and given to my daughter and I had to beg her to let me have it for this reason, and in order to hang in the gallery well it "had to have a price on it" because putting things NFS in the gallery isn't a choice.

So there's no mistake's I'll list my references under my paintings in my gallery (www.loribarton.com) from now on. Here are just a few:

Maiko: This is a gift for my youngest daughter and is not for sale ever. It is a conglomerated work of lots and lots of pictures I looked at online to see what Maikos wore etc. No photographers were harmed in the making of this painting. I did specifically like one Kimono in one of the pictures because of the grasshopper on it, I didn't contact the kimono company.

Falling For You: I used a snapshot I took of my own leaves in my own driveway. Said leaves are long gone but I can show you the tree.

Summer's Night Requiem: It's a mason jar on a semi-abstract sky with grass. If you don't know what a mason jar looks like you don't live in Indiana (home of the Ball Mason Co.) I have mason jars here at my house as I still make my own jelly and do sometimes can.

Iris: OK so there's no real ref photo, I drew an actual Iris that was in my flowerbed. I cannot claim originality for the iris, they've been around a long time.

BOO! and Contemplation: These are portraits of two of my kids, I am almost positive I can claim they are original creations as they are technically half me. (Sorry no painting of my youngest daughter as of yet)

Winter's Warmth: It's my woodpile...but I didn't actually cut down the tree's...gray area (maybe?)

I think that about covers it. I take the whole copyright thing pretty seriously, so please don't think that I don't. But I also take sincerity and integrity very seriously, among other things. Ask me anything you'll get a pretty straight answer, people who know me know that for sure.


My first experience with metal point isɜ going well. It's turned out nice enough that i'm almost afraid to go to the next step for fear of ruining itɜ. This isɜ a pic of Caity. She didn't really want Her pic taken that day. Metal point isɜ new to me but so far I'm enjoying itɜ. I used aluminum for this one. I did order some silver today and hope to get a gold point soon. While some stop with the drawing at the point where I'm at now I've chosen to move onɜ and work india ink and then watercolor over the finished metal point drawing. Here's to hoping I don't regret that decision! Lol


What I've learned in a year.

I've learned that I'm not a very good Blogger, that I am in fact old enough to have a daughter in college,that conditioner and water are the best thing to strip wallpaper, and that I might in fact have a place in the world of art.