Two of my works have been accepted into the Fall Juried Art Show in Crawfordsville, Indiana. This will be my second year participating in this event. If you are going to be near Crawfordsville between September 25 and October 4 you should definitely come take a look at all the fabulous talent on display. It is a display in ALL of the buildings downtown and is available for viewing 24 hours a day between those dates. 

The two paintings that I'll be showing are:


Contemplation: Portrait of Jessie  32x40 (She is absolutely mortified as this is her high school's "Hometown" and many people will see her fantastically huge head on display ROFL...my evil plan progresses)


If I'm ever in the position

I swear I am going to start an easy to understand, readily available to uneducated, older artists grant fund that will help them break free from their status as "working a real job" to a full-time working artist status.

The search continues.


The forces of Nature...

We had some spectacular storms move through last week. Before the storms I was melting and now I am sitting around in sweats and socks, but never fear by Tuesday it is suppose to be back up to Melting weather again, I LOVE Indiana :)

I am still working at Kyles fabulously large head (32x40 ish) so that he may be as appalled as his older sister was with my immortalizing them in art. Two embarrassed children down, One to go. (Instert evil laugh here) There is still much to do in my evil plot to redden the cheeks of my children, keep in mind, you too could have your children roll their eyes and get red in the face for a nominal fee....contact me and I'll tell you how!


On my desk...

I'm working on a couple of things right now. Seems I'm in a portrait mode and am doing one of my son. (Shhh don't tell him, he has no clue and will be just horrified) I'm liking the odd offbeat portraits instead of a formal style and am enjoying playing around with that. 

More often than not there is never enough time in the day to sit and work on my art and even more often I feel keenly aware that I am struggling to find my own voice in my work. It's not really a bad thing but it's almost like the "I've got the word on the tip of my tongue" feeling only with painting, if that makes any sense at all. I find by Friday I am anxious and in need of a fix and yet almost never make it to the studio. Today is Monday and I've spent exactly 3 hours working in the studio since Friday and am not dressed and out the door yet today although I'm hopeful it will happen. If only working a "real" j0b wasn't a neccesity LOL