Fireworks can't swim...

It was a VERY soggy fourth of July in our part of Indiana. The Fourth was actually celebrated on the 5th, but since it ran over into midnight I guess we celebrated into the 6th.

I've been somewhat productive since the opening of my little studio, although I'm not spending nearly enough time down there as I would like. Vacation is soon so hopefully I can sneak down there more then.

I've finished the two portraits I was working on and delivered "Lili with Tulips" to her Dad just in time for Fathers day. Although the finished portrait has a dark background, I didn't get a finished picture of it before I sent it with her dad.

The portrait of Dr. Gillan is also complete.

Dr. Gillan-"Cool Man Cool" SOLD!

I've also gotten "Bahama Race" almost done (Thanks Tom for the reference photo's!) and completed the initial sketches for 4 more paintings.

There's also my first experiment with India Ink. I really like the vibrance it lends to a painting and for once I can say I really don't think the photo does it true justice. I might just send this in for consideration for the juried show in Crawfordsville this year.

Larger View of Iris

Iris- 16x20 India Ink $208.00


Nick said...

the portrait of the little girl looks great! wish I could see it larger, it didn't open when i clicked on it

Lori Barton said...

I can't seem to get my pictures to be clickable like everyone elses. I'm missing a setting or something in my site. I added a link below the picture that says "Larger view"