Dive bombing Robins and syphilis

I fed the chickens this morning and was getting dive bombed by a pair of robins as I was trying to get waters cleaned and refilled. Guess the resident pair decided to nest attached to my coop and fence. So I clicked a couple of pictures of the charming little brood (all the while frantic screeching parents were trying to scare me off)

Spring has sprung and the sun is out...at least for today. We've tilled the garden and bought the tomato plants and seed corn and I am setting a batch of eggs in the incubator today. (If my hens didn't hide their eggs I might not need more layers but such is the life of free range chickens.) 

I also delivered two paintings to a juried art show this weekend. Artists reception is this Friday, May 15th. The show is in Martinsville, IN and is at the Art Sanctuary.


I hope all the mothers out there had a lovely mothers day! I got pancakes and flowers (live ones to plant..somehow a gift that involves work is ironically suitable for mothers day.)

I am working on a couple of things right now. The last project I completed did not turn out well and has made its way to the trash pile to be recycled or recropped or something.

I have nothing to add to my blog that would assist too many people with techniques or educate them in some way. I guess my contribution to the art world would be just to say ....just do it. Just create something. I constantly fight down the fear that what I am doing isn't good enough to be viewed by anyone other than myself. It's not uncommon I suppose, to feel somewhat inadequate, but fight the urge to compare yourself to someone else. 

If Van Gogh or Gaugin or others had given up because they were told they weren't good enough we wouldn't have many of what the world now considers to be the most progressive, insightful paintings in history. Of course I have decided there are a few reasons why I could never be as famous as the above mentioned artists....

1. I don't drink nearly enough

2. I am not even close to being crazy enough.

3. I don't have syphilis (which probably contributed to #2)

The impressionists and post-impressionists were truly an interesting bunch!

Bottom line I'm not educated, I'm not wordly, but I do love to paint. There is a fear and excitement that comes with each new painting. It's a feeling comparable to stage fright and much like stage fright the show must go on!

BTW...it's really too bad the habit of the rich becoming patrons of fledgling artist and supporting them fell out of practice LOL


Sandy Maudlin said...

You need to read ART & FEAR by Ted Ortlund. Yu'll feel right at home with the rest of us as we doubt ourselves, etc on this incredible art journey. I love the book so be sure to get it. It's a quick read and so so true.

BTW - only 5 spots left in Nick's workshop for next August, 2010.

Lori Barton said...

Crap only 5? I'll be sure to get that book, thanks Sandy.