On my desk(s)

I'm working on a couple of pieces at the moment.

Falling for You - 11x14

and Diana Krall Portrait 16 x 20 (Sorry Diana at this stage you look zombieish, I promise that it won't stay that way LOL)

I'll be starting a new venture next weekend it seems. I've inquired about doing some studying at the Lafayette Atelier with Mr. James C. Werner. Am excited and nervous.


Nick said...

Looking good, have you gotten farther? We know you have the portrait gene, so that one is gonna be really good, and you better get the leaves done before the colors (and inspiration) disappear!

Lori Barton said...

I have gotten somewhat further with the leaves and have done nothing to the poor zombie of Diana Krull. I have another burner going with the atelier and a commission for a friend of mine that has to be done by Christmas.

Did I mention I got A.D.D. along with that portrait gene. Funny they used to call it Multi-tasking LOL