And the winner is...

I received the "The Crawfordsville Art League Group G Award For work by a Montgomery County Artist" for "Contemplation- A Portrait of Jessie"

As always the Crawfordsville Art League put on a fabulous show and we had a good time.

You can read more about the show here...The Paper Of Montgomery County


Nick said...

So how can she possibly be mortified by that? You won the award, and it's a great painting!! This could be the beginning Lori, don't look back now!

Lori Barton said...

She isn't "really" mortified, not now anyway since she has an award winning head LOL I mean look at that beautiful smile she has on her face.

I plan on forging ahead as far as I can go Nick. Those who know me know how determined (read stubborn) I can be when I want something badly enough.

Thanks for all the encouragement!