And the Plot thickens...MUWAHAHA

I've finished the portrait of Kyle and so my plot to mortify all three of my children is now 2/3 complete....muwahaha. 

Boo!: A Portrait of Kyle

And a closeup of the eye.

A note on the title, his nickname is also Boo as that is what he used to totter around the house saying as soon as he started talking and walking. It was his favorite game to look at you and go BOO! Oh how the time flies my little boy is now a 14 yr old young man.

Once I know what angle I want for Jenny I will be doing a portrait of her also to complete the set. They have asked me what I plan on doing with these large portraits of them, I said I was going to hang them in the living room and later it would be their sole inheritance they get in my will...LOL


Nick said...

i really like this, the handling and the palette - they won't be mortified by these, need to come up with a more evil plan

Lori Barton said...

Thanks so much Nick your comments mean alot to me...and the kids are all teenagers EVERYTHING mortify's them where their parents are concerned. Just wait your time is coming..grin