Bad Bad Blogger

I am a bad bad blogger. I always thought I could out talk anyone but obviously that doesn't include getting online reliably and making any sort of witty addition to the world.

This fall/winter has been busy and I've learned new things recently...

1. The number of pounds of bacon needed for breakfast is directly related to the number of teenagers sleeping at your house at any given point. (Hi Shea! my favorite Baconater!)

2. If it's going to break it will break at the worst possible time. (explanation later)

Christmas was good and I had a wonderful time spending time with the kids. My laptop died and the router to the other computers just died so thus the struggle to get online as we are down to one computer now with internet connection.

Last night as my 16 yo daughter was taking a shower the water suddenly stopped and we are now awaiting a well repair person to fix whatever might be wrong with the pump/primer/whatever. Now mind you dh has been on vacation since December 19 so of course the well pump decides to take a nose dive at 10:30 pm on the night just prior to him going back to work today. So here I sit awaiting the guys to fix the water pump for the house because had he called into work he'd had lost 2 weeks pay.

Lost wages: $200 for me for the day
Bill to fix water: yet to be determined
Being able to shower and flush toilets: PRICELESS

I have 3 teens, 4 dogs, 2 cats a ferret and a gaggle of chickens, we NEED WATER.

The guys are here to fix pump so I will leave you with a progress picture of the "Winters Warmth" watercolor I am still working on slowly but surely.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

Welcome back to blogging - and to water. Keep painting :-D