The Daily Muse

Keep in mind I do use the term "daily" rather loosely. It could be weekly or monthly. (Insert your own joke about pms) I never really know when I will have the time or mood will hit me just to sit and wax philosophical.

The muse was rather kind to me today and I've worked a bit on both paintings.

I spent a rather peaceful lovely day off today. Painted most of the day and did relatively little housework.. It was the kind of day I truly enjoy, but I must go to work tomorrow.
–Heavy sigh-

I’m working on two pieces right now. One is a portrait of a gentleman from the art center that makes marionettes and the other is an abstract of the woodpile.

Nothing much else is going on, the 16 yr old DD got her driver’s license this past weekend and has been terrorizing the roads. The 13 y.o. DS got 2 deer over the weekend while on a hunting excursion with my brother and the 12 y.o. is steadily practicing basketball. The 5’9” 12 y.o. that is about 3.5” taller than me.



Lori Andrews said...

Love your portrait of the gentleman, is it watercolor?

Lori Barton said...

It is watercolor on aquaboard. My first experience with aquaboard and I am enjoying it.