A look into my "studio"

Yep that's it. It's a glass top computer desk that we purchased at walmart (because it came with the nifty roll around cart you see to the side) To my left is the coat rack and behind me is usually a group of teens playing guitar hero. 

I've finished "Winter's Warmth" and have it matted and framed for a show in May. I'll be taking it and "Koiosity" to The Art Sanctuary

I'm currently working on a portrait of my oldest daughter, it's not quite finished yet I just started it this past weekend. It's 24x36 on Fabriano 140#HP

I have several others stored in my pea-brain I just need to find time to get them out on paper. (And to finish up the one's I've started) If the portrait of Jessie turns out ok I'm going to use it for the juried fall art show this year, I'm not sure I'm quite happy with it.

On side notes as a proud mom I have to mention that all three of the kids are doing VERY well in school! Kyle's made the golf team and was just inducted into Jr. National Honor Society, Jessie just went to her Junior Prom and was on the Prom Court. She and her best friend went together...they were both just stunning this past Saturday...

Shea on the left and Jessie in the wild zebra print dress on the right :)

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